A smart thermostat And an extraordinaire brand experience

Ngenic Tune is a smart thermostat build for your scandinavian house. Its both hardware and software and I have been responsible for the product and service design of both the digital experience and physical industrial design.

For the everyday user the app is what you see. But it’s so much more behind the scenes. We add both sensors and intelligence to your house’s heating and we make it unique. No heat pump today can see the differences in insulation of houses and therefore change how they plan their heating. But with Ngenic Tune the case changes. We measure how long it takes to heat the house, to lower the temperature, how much sun is needed to increase on degree etc.

In the end, what you get is much better indoor comfort and an amazing surprise; a less expensive electricity bill.

And without being overwhelmingly proud; you get an amazing app with loads of features. Temperature control, overview of you savings, vacation planer, alarms, notifications, history and more. We’re adding more features along the way.

 “Ngenic outperforms Nest in Scandinavia.” – Nordic Startup Bits

There has been a bunch of articles written about us and loads of prices won. But we are not happy yet, we still have a couple of coal power plats to close.

My responsibility as a Head of Design has been everything form developing the brand, industrial design, the app, the installation, inte site. Everything. Id say, Ive done some service designing.
Im mostly proud of how everything is going together. The brand experience from logotype down to the usage of Ngenic Tune.

My responsibilities at Ngenic has been pretty broaaaaad:
Brand design / Packaging design / Industrial design / User Experience / User Interface / Graphic design


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