A brand new bicycle brand Stålhästen is taking over Sweden

Cheap and beautiful bicycles online. It’s was a forgotten market in Sweden and we took our stake from the start. Today we exist in at least 5 countries and have 3 stores in Stockholm.

I’m the founder and was the Head of Design of Stålhästen bicycles. We designed cheap designer bikes that you only could buy online. Success from day one, we have added loads of models and soon a kids bike. We’ve gotten sued from another swedish company that felt threatened by our way of re-innovating the bike business.

Today we exists in four countries and more to come soon. I hope google comes and buys the whole shebang so I can start my organic hostel soon. The site is a lot about acting global and feeling local. So the communication in how we speak and what kind of pictures we put up was a big thing. www.stålhästen.se

stal_02stälhästen pop-upstal_04stal_03

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