What I can do for you My offer as a freelancer

I live and work mainly from Uppsala just outside of Stockholm, but I try to travel and freelance where I don’t need a polar bear fur just to stay warm. I’m just too damn tired of these cold winters.

Since I have a broad background when it comes to brands, experience and tasks I have a wide offer. Here is some history of what I have helped other clients with.

At “Aftonbladet/Adore you” during both the mobile app and Aftonbladet TV I took care of the UX and works closely with the UI folks. Research / innovation / wireframes / flowcharts. 

At LBi working with Swedbank mostly I had a more traditional role as an advertising Art Director in 80% of the projects. And the rest as a UX/UI. Campaign development / art direction / wireframes / mockups / design. 

When freelancing for the startups AirWaterGreen and Precisely I help them taking the next step as a startup. Like a very light version of what I did at Ngenic for two years. A lot of the tasks was delivered in workshops once a week for a couple of months. Target group analysis / user journeys / wireframes / mood boards / creative direction.